Phoenix - Mist
    Ward 22 Plot 36


    Cafe Flamingo has a few staff members who are always happy to help make your stay comfortable!

    A group of close knit friends who opened the cafe as a passion project on the side.


    Our menu of delicious meals, cakes, wraps, coffees and everything else you could want.

    All produce is specially brought in by Flamingo staff to be freshly cooked each day!


    A few games to help keep your stay with us one that's fun and full of good energy.

    With a monthly triple triad tournament and prizes to boot!


    Any time you're at our venue, it is considered agreement to abide to the rules within.
    Violating the intent of the rule isn't permitted, and final say is upto the management and security.

    Iliete Godriquelain

    Owner of Cafe Flamingo and Barista

    A former Ishgardian socialite, Iliete decided to step out and learn the ways of the real world, wanting to get to know many different people from many different places.
    this landed her a job as bartender at The Flamingo, and now as the manager of Flamingo Café.
    Attending many dinner parties and fancy tea time afternoons, has not only made her an expert on all kinds of deserts and hot drinks, it has given her a sweet spot for them, too.
    She is kind but strict, treating her staff like family, and customers as beloved guests.

    Alissin Glowheart


    A farmboy from southern Shroud, with a love of good food and working out. Muscular, with a bright smile and a flirtatious comment for anyone who gets too close. Alissin is the most mischevious of the staff.

    Kept behind the bar and set to cooking so that he doesn't spend his entire shift being a silly playful pest with the patrons.

    This Miqo'te seems endlessly energetic and full of joy for his work and the friends he's made working at Cafe Flamingo. Alissin is often found being told off for his playful nature, and his ability to endlessly slack off when something important needs doing. Especially the cleaning! Bleh!

    Kayla Thelbourne

    Staff and Patron Protector

    Initially hired to keep an eye on Alissin and to crack the whip when he starts feeling lazy. However, of the two, she probably has the easier and lazier job. She considers this post to be a down-time, and enjoys being paid to lean against a wall and to listen to the surrounding patrons’ gossip.

    Management says that it is allowed to step on her foot if you ever catch her outing a displeasing comment that she was thinking out loud. If, however, you make the mistake of willingly asking for her opinion, the manager will take no responsibility for her endless rambling about everything and nothing.

    Despite these debatably positive traits, she takes her responsibilities seriously, and will use her strength and authority if needed, to keep the café safe.

    Kiyuh Fen


    A smile as sweet as sugar on her lips, Kiyuh prefers speaking of the present and how great the future will be, rather than dwelling on the past.
    While letting out her wild side at The Flamingo, the Miqo'te simply has a weakness for all things soft, cozy and sweet, so as she was offered to help out at the café she simply could not deny — she loves trying to make the patrons feel comfortable and happy after all!

    Fyer Nyte


    A former Ul'Dah market girl, Fyer learnt the tricks of the trade from the best merchants in all of Eorzea and acquired no small sum of gil from it.
    Ultimately, this was not her passion and would later leave that life in search of a more social experience.
    Attending many social events, she managed to catch the talk of a new café opening, which then she became a hostess at.
    The joy of seeing smiles upon customers is what brightens her day, and what motivates her to work hard.
    Despite her strong and tomboyish appearance, she has a big smile and an even bigger heart and is a real softie deep down.

    Rules of Cafe Flamingo

    Whilst in our establishment, it is considered an agreement to these rules. Any violation is liable to be confronted (politely) by our security staff and repeated misbehaviour will result in our asking of your leave from the building.

    1. Discriminatory Behaviour

    This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and so on. None of it is tolerated.

    2. No Public NSFW Chat

    Keep the public text channels clear of NSFW talk. Reserve any sort of lewd chatter or emotes to private tells and party chat.

    3. Turn off Emote Logs

    Upon entering our club, please turn off your Emote Log (Display Log Message toggle at the bottom of the Emotes menu in-game) as to not clog up the chat with unnecessary text.

    4. Minions and Weapons Hidden away

    Please hide your weapons and withdraw any minions you have summoned whilst inside the establishment.

    5. Yell, Shout, LFP and LTM

    Our staff use yell and shout chat, as well as the green "Looking For Party" and yellow "Looking To Meld Materia" search info tags to advertise our services and differentiate ourselves from guests. Please refrain from using these for this purpose.

    6. English Text

    For the ease of moderation and understanding both for staff and other guests, please keep the chat in English.

    7. Remain out of Staff Areas

    Please refrain from going behind the counters where the staff work, or impersonating staff unless specifically invited into staff areas. Thank you.